My Kocina

I am a 51 year old woman and currently living in Singapore. I have two children. I love my Singapore life.. this is where I find true joy in the kitchen. This is where I realized that I can do magic in the kitchen.I don’t have ample knowledge about Filipino food but I remember my father  would cook Pinaupong Manok. Funny and its a wonder.. where I got my interest for food. Oh, really life is full of surprises!

 As a young child  I have great interest for food. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean eating. I love to think how a meal was cooked and I would imagine myself doing it. My only toy then was a set of clay pot. I have cooked rice that turned into porridge..some vegetables with broth and always it was mushy… Never mind, the amount of joy in my heart was immeasurable  When you were young and allowed to explore, it was a learning process in the end. Luckily, my mother allowed me to explore my curiosity. Thanks Mother!

My next journey was to cook puto, maja, spaghetti with liver spread, chicken macaroni salad and sopas.Our eldest sister would come home every Christmas Season and she was practically amazed how I learned to cook. Would you believe I managed to bake without an oven? A friend of mine told me about the ancient method. I got curious so one time a day before Christmas  I followed her strict details and in the end I made Brownies. It was perfect, so nice to look but it was actually salty. Why? It was later when I discovered that I should have used butter instead of Star Margarine…. ha ha ha! Poor me!

From then on, I never stop experimenting in the kitchen. I may not have the means and equipment at home but I tried a lot from ulam to dessert. When I started working after college, I dropped aside the kitchen. I would go to the kitchen and cook only during holiday season. But you know once a certain process or learning is curved into your system, you dont just forget. You will set it aside for a time and then you will embrace it back. After giving birth to my second child, I found myself facing the kitchen again. Have I been given a chance to do more in this category, then I could have been a food technologist, a chef, a pastry maker or something.

But Singapore life has awakened my experimental side..after my short training at Sunrice Global Chef Academy and brief experiences working in F and B industry..I learned that what you need is your passion..your never ending curiosity to bake.. to research…. to copy…to change and finally to formulate something that you can call your own..your baby..your pride..your glory…In the end you top it with love, care and understanding. Do not be afraid to try, change or substitute cause that’s where you learn.. I am armed with two adorable lovely kids..…they all love to eat

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