Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Delicious Cereal Prawn

At first I was not interested at all with Cereal Prawn. When I heard about it from a friend, I disregarded the idea and I thought ..cereal and prawn? how weird?...But its a specialty here in Singapore..so I thought that one cant live and get out of this country without trying their national dish.  My beautiful and kind friend during our cooking session, cooked this dish for us...and oh my. her version was so yummy.. I cant help myself from falling in love with Cereal Prawn.

Well to cut the story short. I decided to cook Cereal Prawn and I discovered that.. yes it is not difficult and from now on..it is included in my recipes. I never thought that Cereal would be so good with prawns. This is such an interesting combination and it has milk, butter and chili. The combination of flavor is somehow crazy but yes.. the result is incredibly delicious. Oh yes.. of course, I made some great changes..as usual.. lol!

3/4 kg medium prawn cleaned with head, shell and tail intact
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp rice wine

combine together the ff:
2 cups Nestum Cereal, crushed into tiny pieces
1 tbsp non dairy creamer/powdered milk
1 tbsp sugar
2 pcs chili or siling labuyo (birds eye chili)
1/2 cup curry leaves
2 tbsp grated garlic
1/3 cup butter + 1 tbsp oil
1 cup of cooking oil (for frying prawns)

Seasoning for prawn:
1/2 tsp of sugar
1/2 tsp of grounded white pepper
1 tsp of chicken powder
1 tsp of corn starch

Batter ingredients:
1/2 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp veg oil
1/2 cup chilled water

First, wash and clean the prawn, then put sugar and rice wine.
Set aside for 5 minutes then wash again. Drain them properly.
Marinate prawns with the listed seasoning, for at least 20 minutes.
Mix plain flour and baking powder in a large bowl.
Make a well in the center and pour in vegetable oil.
Cover with flour mixture. Gradually add in water and mix well to create smooth batter.
Consistency of batter should be smooth with resistance.
Heat wok with oil over high fire. Reduce heat to medium-low fire when oil heated enough.
Dip the whole prawn into batter then put into heated oil and fry till golden brown.
Repeat step till all prawns are done.
Next, using the same wok or pan but remove first the used oil, put butter and1 tbsp oil into the pan. 
Add garlic, chili and curry leaves. Cook until fragrant comes out then add the cereal mixture.
Cook while stirring constantly and make sure the cereal is crispy and wet with butter.
Lastly add the fried prawn. Mix well and now ready to serve.

Good Gracious! Heaven sent! I was such a fool to ignore you then. The magic of butter, cereal and powdered milk all rolled into one...I am so sorry for letting you down then.. and now I thank you so much for coming into my life ..I will never forget you..

Take a look at the crunchy cereal, the buttery flakes..so crispy and very addictive too.. the fusion of curry leaves and chili is such an interesting flair..it gives aroma and taste that is so wonderfully unique.. and yes, it has non dairy creamer/ powdered milk and sugar..

I cant describe the feeling, when you have made something extraordinary, its not meant for breakfast though it has cereal, non dairy creamer/powdered milk and sugar, lol! I tried it with my mountain of rice and yes..it was so good.. but I tell you it is a good Appetizer. the curry leaves and chili made it so much interesting...curry leaves are so good fried with butter, garlic and chili, they are very aromatic, crispy and tasty. I love them.. yum yum..

In case you are wondering what sort of a cereal I used, then here is the photo, but you can always find a better substitute I suppose.. and don't forget 2 cups of it with 1 tbsp non dairy creamer/powdered milk and 1 tbsp sugar.. and you know what I prefer non dairy creamer...try it!!! Happy eating!!

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