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Filipino Caldereta (Meat Stew)

Kaldereta is a popular dish in the Philippines,especially in Luzon island.The common ingredients is goat shoulders with tomato paste and liver spread. Kaldereta is originally a goat stew made with tomato sauce, potatoes, spices, liver spread, olives, bell peppers and hot peppers. Originally adapted from the Spanish during their 300 year occupation of the Philippines. Kaldereta is a favorite Filipino meal served during parties, festivities and other special occasions in the Philippines. It is a Spanish-influenced dish that became to be Filipinos' favorite and made their own versions. Originally, the main ingredients of this dish includes goat meat, tomato sauce, liver, pepper and cheese.Variations of this dish is with beef, chicken and or pork. Beef Kaldereta is a common dish in the Philippines made with stewing cuts of beef simmered until tender. Another is with chicken or pork because of the price and availability. I grew up witnessing some of my old Uncles who were not professional cooks but they really cook good.

During my experiment days of cooking Kaldereta, I really got amazed because it calls for a lot of ingredients. I remember my Uncle's Kaldereta without carrots, potatoes and olives and yet it really taste so good. Oh my..I miss the good old days .All my Old Uncles have died, the great cooks have gone to their resting place but the memories of good food, laughter and family ties will never be forgotten.We are the younger generations (I thought so)..lately I heard from my sister that two of my nephews have gotten married and now I have two grandchildren.  

Here is my Caldereta Recipe, I remember my trainor chef during culinary training, he told me that Filipino Caldereta is similar to Hungarian Goulash.We cooked Pork Goulash during the training, yes it was good too but the essence of our good old Caldereta comes with the use of Liver Spread as a special ingredient. Filipino Caldereta is a stew with liver pate...yes, liver! but in our country we use Liver's Spread in can. It is popular in the Philippines and widely used as ingredients in meat dishes. My own recipe has chicken liver which I boiled and then pureed using our blender. In case,youre not a liver fan,then you can use Potted Meat in can or Chicken Liver Pate in can. 
1 kg beef cubes (or pork with bones)
4 tbsp light soy sauce 
2 tbsp rice wine 
2 tbsp corn flour 
2 tbsp olive oil(for frying potato) 
4 small potatoes sliced 
1/4 cup olive oil(for frying meat) 
2 tbsp olive oil(for onion and garlic saute) 
1 large onion chopped 
6 cloves garlic grated 
3 tbsp tomato paste 
1 can whole tomatoes chopped 
1 small can of beer 
1/4 cup olive oil (for stew) 
1 tsp paprika 
1 tsp ground pepper 
2 pcs bay leaf 
1/4 tsp oregano 
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
4 pcs baby carrots sliced 
1/2 cup olives ( optional) 
350 grams pureed chicken liver (optional)
1 1/2 salt 
1 tsp sugar 
2 tsp chili flakes 
1/2 cup chickpeas 
1/2 cup cubed red bell pepper 
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese 
1/2 cup water optional 

Begin by putting the meat in a bowl 
Add light soy sauce,rice wine and corn flour. 
Mix properly and marinate for 3 hours.Set aside in the fridge. 
Heat a sauce pan,add 2 tbsp olive oil and fry the sliced potatoes for 30 seconds.Set aside. 
Using the same sauce pan,add 1/4 cup olive oil and fry the meat by batches slightly brown.Set aside. Using the same sauce pan,add 2 tbsp olive oil and saute onion,garlic 
Wait till the aroma comes out and add tomato paste. 
Stir until well blended for about 2 minutes. 
Now add the browned meat, chopped tomatoes in can with juice, 1 can of beer and
the ff spices: paprika, ground pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, oregano. 
Cover and cook by simmering for 1 1/2 hour or until tender
Then, add carrots, pureed chicken liver, green olives, potatoes, sugar, salt, chili flakes.
Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. 
Lastly, add chickpeas, cubed red bell pepper and grated cheese. 
Cover and simmer for another 10 minutes or until the desired consistency.

Hmmm...look at that..the smell is really captivating. The taste as usual is chaos between all the ingredients. Its thick sauce with the flavor of spices, tomatoes and veggies are all combined into one. The result is hot but not spicy and well balanced in everything...but chaos ..really and thats Caldereta's magic.
We have different ways of enjoying it..weird and funny combinations. Would you love to have it with toast?
Or the old time favorite,with mountain of rice? Seriously,I enjoy these two .My Uncles,they enjoy it with beer, gin or whisky. Keep some and it will last for several days. The longer it last,the flavor becomes intense and wonderful...with you know what..RICE!
The good old Kaldereta, dont worry about the chicken liver. You wont know its there but instead a new taste is developed. The liver contributes a lot with the consistency of the sauce and richness of the flavor. You can omit it or you can be bold and daring... go ahead,try it and enjoy the chaos in your palate.Have a great week to all! Lets eat,lets giggle and lets be merry!
This is the popular brand of liver spread back home but I dont use it instead I make my own pureed chicken liver which is better because the result has authentic taste. Some even put peanut butter which is also good. I know that many will get scared with this recipe because of liver...aggghhh..but you can always substitute it with potted meat
This is the popular brand of potted meat in can back home,in case youre not a liver fan then try potted meat,it is also good.Cooking Caldereta without chicken liver or potted meat would be like a Goulash Dish which is delicious too.

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  1. @lazygastronome sent me over here and WOW my hubby is super happy about it. He loves to try new foods and this looks as if it is one he would enjoy.

    1. Thank you Dr Elise, I really hope you can try this one. Have a great weekend

  2. Looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I think I'm starting to love Filipino food!! This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Thank you so much. Its an honor to hear those words from you. Have a lovely week Helen

  4. sounds filling and yummy love trying new recipes thanks for sharing this
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    1. Hello Annie, thank you for dropping by and for the wonderful comment. I will gladly visit you the soonest

  5. There are so many wonderful layers of flavour in this dish! I was intrigued by the addition of the liver pate, and I'm sure it makes the dish extra special. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

    1. Yes April, adding liver pate is very intriguing but surely it does taste good. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for the lovely comment

  6. This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! I want to try this recipe soon!

    1. Hello Lisa, thank you for coming over. Please do try. Have a great weekend


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