Sunday, July 15, 2018

My Future Keepsake

Thank you Debbie, seeing this always warms my heart.                                      

I started writing my food entry way back 2010. It was merely because I love to experiment and I love to bake and cook. Along the way, I started writing to keep the recipes on hand. I did my first batch of entries using Facebook application called Notes. Later on, I discovered blogging and I created my world in blog land but it went to a phase wherein I was on and off writing although I continued baking and cooking behind the scene.

Years back, I have two constant companion/friends in the kitchen. We would meet up regularly and together we would cook and eat, laugh and have fun together. But our paths eventually separated due to differences maybe or working schedules or maybe we just drifted apart. I wish them well anyway. I am a Taurean and I take friendship seriously as I am constant, loyal and devoted. All I ask is that for friends to remain true to me. I don't need hordes of friends as my motto is quality over quantity and this extends to most areas of my life. I would rather ignore people that I don't like or done me wrong rather than pick up a fight. I will not waste my temper even in anger. 

I was once asked why do I write... why do I share my recipes. Isn't it that recipes are meant to be a secret. Oh yes I thought so.. but I believe that food nourishes our heart and soul so theres no harm in sharing and much more giving what I have baked/cooked to others. I think that a person who loves to bake, cook and write will never be selfish nor self-centred at all. Behind every person who has passion for baking and cooking is one hell of a story... a story of survival and serendipity in life. 

Have you ever experience to be hungry, of love and care, to be alone, to be desolated in your own world... the terrible brokenness of childhood.. or it could be memories of constant gathering with the families.. with your great aunts and uncles during reunion..during Christmas, during new year, during birthdays, anniversaries and even burials...and there would be cooking, food and food in all its simplicity and authenticity. These are all sources of passion and stories of life.

Together with these foods are stories of me, of my family...I am writing from my life for my children and future grandchildren. I hope to teach them all the things I learned and I will start on these thoughts :

When I was a child, I thought of treasure as bars of gold...bunch of coins and jewelries. As I grow up I saw big houses, beautiful cars, trendy clothes and everything that money can buy. Oh, these are real treasures, I told myself. Well that was a long long time ago and nowadays still there's no bars of gold in my house and I don't mind at all because I know that...

A child will understand later that its not the big house, its not the comfort of life but instead its care and concern that matters most and that is love. Can you buy love? No

Being deprived of material things as a child does not necessarily mean you are hungry of treasures but instead it will shape your moral values for money. Selflessness is such a human treasure and greediness kills

Parents may be a source of pain, your childhood may be blurred but you are what you are, a child of god and no one could take that away from you.

One can always manage to lead a better life, its a matter of choice. Life may be tough but you can always redirect the course of your life. Your choices will have a great impact on your life be it good or bad.

Along the way, you met people, its not easy to be in this world, people come and go, and sometimes or most of the time, they will hurt you and judge you, use you or abuse your kindness. But still there are plenty of souls everywhere, friendship is a gift, its a treasure.

My children are worthy of every effort that I am doing and they enjoy my presence in their lives.

Since its Sunday, let me end this thoughts by saying grace to our God:

Dear Lord,  

May my life be a legacy to my children and to my children's children.
May I spend the years coming with my passion burning for your glory
That it may reward those who will come after me with this keepsake
I don't know them yet, but even now  I love them with all my heart 
Thank you for this wonderful gifts that you have given me..
I can bake, I can cook, I can write and I can Love.


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