Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Is An Adventure

Life is a cycle of constant adventures. These adventures could be happy, or lonely, joyous and triumphant. But whatever it is, adventures are part of us. They make us live and bring fulfillment to our lives. At first I thought I have the most promising life because I have faith in God. I thought God would be so kind and gracious enough to give me everything I need because I have had my share of pain and hardships in life. But I was wrong,the adventures of life proves to be uncertain and sometimes things might turn out the exact opposite of what we wished for. And so,to create harmony and balance in my life, I welcome life as constant adventure. Having this kind of perception about life gives me comfort and stability. I have to keep up with myself and remain adventurous all the time or else life would be boring,unhappy and unkind. Well,I don't prefer any of these things because they are options to replace or destroy my adventures in life.

This year my son has again got an award academically for his performance in school. I realize that I am now facing and actually dancing with the present adventures. I remember his first day of school here in Singapore, that was month of July ( almost 2 years ago) and school was currently running on its third term. There was health check up on that day and they were asked to remove their shoes together with their socks and so one by one they went inside the clinic barefoot.After the check up he moved outside to collect his shoes but one of his socks was missing. My son continued to put on his shoes wearing only one of his socks and then he walked outside the room and went home. When I think about it,my heart melts and I feel proud because my son has his own adventure and he knows how to handle it. Of course my husband and I knew that someone tried to bully him. He is becoming a man and we are far away from home. My daughter is growing up quickly and in no time at all, she will enter the stage of puberty. We have left part of our lives back home and theres no turning back.

The whole family is actually riding an adventure and honestly I love it. I cant wait to know what will happen next.I discovered that the best way to cope up with uncertainties in life is by merely accepting what is currently happening on your life and believe that God is gracious all the time. We face and we create adventures and knowing in our hearts that God hold our hands during those times is truly an adventure of a lifetime. This post has been entered in “Changing the World One Word at a Time” Please visit and check out the other great posts at:

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