Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life Is What We Make It

I recently celebrated my birthday.I am now 42 and I feel the changes in my body.My brain has the same funny young at heart tendencies but my body is slowly reacting.My friends greeted me.I thanked them and told them that I am trying to keep up with my youth.I have the natural signs of aging.My hair,my precious brown hair is now darker because of hair coloring.The roots of my hair has turned white so I opted to color my hair and now it looks very different.My usual thin body structure is now large..I wish I could go back to medium size.If I could only turn back the hands of time but thats impossible.I looked back and I realized life has taught me a lot after all.Life is not a game..we can have fun but in the end we take and we live the consequences.There is always a time for everything.

I started my life seriously at the age of 17,that was when I entered college and I needed to work while finishing college.It was a tough life and every time I looked back,I consider it survival of the fittest.But early on,I chose what I wanted to do,I want to survive and make a difference.My life is not easy.But there is joy,serendipity and silence.Whatever the circumstances,I learned to fight,to cope up.I was once a center tutor (for a tribal minority Mission),a sales staff in a shoe store,a teacher,a failed social worker(I couldn't make it then,the travel time fr my sister's place was so long...my body gave up),so I went back to teaching.I shifted to another job,an office job and during that period I met a guy,fell in love,got pregnant,then got married.I went back to teaching again until family became a priority,I decided to become a homemaker and a student again(graduate school).I even put up a small shop with the help of my husband and in the end I failed.Well,charge it to experience.

After my failed attempt to become an entrepreneur,I thought about of making some changes.The pressure of turning 40 was so visible to me.Suddenly I want changes,I need changes with the way my life was going on,with the kind of relationship I have with my husband,family and others.I just woke up one day with the thought of changes.I needed to curve it out.It happened and I am glad I did it.Sometimes you need to make a turning point and you need to do it alone.When that happens,then you become your own person and you realize you've got your own needs too.Things that are not good could turn positively into faith and hope and in the end love.Throughout my journey,I have great faith too,I talked to God all the time.He is my source of love and wisdom and I know He is fair and just.

Every woman is a person,not a camouflage.I enjoy conversation,making friends and I am not afraid to share my experiences.There are people out there who might need my reflections as a woman,as a person and probably they are just right there in one corner,afraid and lonely.Well,turning 40 was stressful and crazy but it has given me a new perspective.It was a great turning point and I would cling to it all the time.Now I'm 42,I can only delay the signs of getting old.I can only play games in the kitchen,experience the chaos of taste in my palate.

I am getting older and its not a joke,its not a game.Half of my longevity is over and now its about time to face serious matters.This is the time to adapt and make changes in my body in terms of diet,exercise and supplement.Life is what we make it so they say.I may never have the fun of life as a young child,a growing teenager and a promising adult but that is fine.We may not have the best bargain in the world but we have life and that matters most.

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