Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life is An Armful Of Goals

I recently got an invitation from Hazel Moon of A Joyful Noise to participate in Carnival Blog. The topic's theme is Goals. She told me that my post was happy and if I could consider write my goals of sharing happy recipes and suggestion to others. Naturally, I thought about it. I felt glad that somehow someone recognized my post as a happy one and in that case it makes me happy. I finally realized that I am happy yet I don't know it. The world is so marvelous and magnanimous at the same time and we failed to see it.Here is my share:Life is An Armful of GoalsAs a young child, I have great interest for food. Don't get me wrong cause I don't mean eating. I love to think how a meal was cooked and I spent my childhood playing with my clay pot set. Those were the days and now I'm a mother, a wife, a homemaker and oh yes...I bake and I cook. I get to do these things and they are both a duty and privilege. I love these two activities, they keep me going. My children and my husband are like bunch of cookies in my kitchen...sometimes I just want to grab them and eat them too.I do get tired and I am mean and cranky too.

It never occurred to me that one day I will be a wife, a mom and a homemaker. Sometimes life is full of surprises. We set goals, we aim to reach our goals. The more we try harder, then it appears difficult to reach the target line. I always wanted to become a working person. I have money to save and to spend for shopping and lets say a vacation. I dream of going to places, enjoy the night and drink tequila or margarita. The reality is I'm stuck here.. right in another place of the world..in a three bedroom flat..in a building..instead of my heart's longing to be in a landed house near the sea shore with my family..with a cat, a dog and a bunny.

I long to own a country style kitchen where I could make some pancake, bake my own bread and entertain my friends. I would love to teach again and meet people. I have thousand things in my mind. I want to talk, I want to share. I realized that these are my hearts longings, my hearts desire. Can these be my goals too? I don't know because life is so unpredictable. Life and goals are both full of surprises to handle. They can make us laugh and they can make us cry. But don’t worry, in no time at all, we will be ready for goals and surprises again.. yes, that’s the bravest act on earth. In times like these, I need my kitchen to inspire me. My kitchen is the best place in the whole wide world!

Baking and cooking are like goals in life..you'll never know whats gonna happen next. The thrill of finding our pleasure is always on hand. I learned that in cooking and baking, we need our passion..our never ending curiosity to cook..to bake.. to research.... to copy...to change and finally to formulate something that you can call your own..your baby..your pride..your glory...In the end you top it with love, care and understanding. Do not be afraid to try, change or substitute cause that's where you learn...now I realized I have goals. Have a blessed day to everyone.

" Lord, bless me and protect me. May everything I prepare will be like a lamp of love and a comfort to my family's yearnings. Help me to share and appreciate the presence of these people from blogging. I may not know them personally but it is always a gift to interact with people. And oh..by the way..I plan to bake a chili cheese cookie"

P.s.. I have photos here..inside my favorite place in Singapore..the Sheng Shiong Market. These lovely fruits are like goals and surprises too.... Hmmmnnn what do you think...? my mind is getting active again..but I have to go now... see you all and have fun!

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