Saturday, August 10, 2013

Innocence Is A Path To Awakening

What is innocence? it is simplicity describes as the absence of guile or cunning, as being naive without the knowledge or lack of understanding. We are all product of our innocence and at one point of our lives, things happened and so the road to awakening has just started. Once the process of awakening happened we cant go back. It is like knowing what is good and what is forgive or not to love or not to love. The challenge to live and to do good is always a welcome option. No matter how much we try to become innocent again, it wont happen that way because we already have surpassed the boundaries..our limitations On the other hand and the brighter side of it..the outcome is our gift of awakening, the fullest knowledge of what is good and fruitful for us .We become our very own person and so the challenge goes........

I will never forget how God came into my life..He used my Cathechism teacher as instrument. I learned about God's goodness and promises, that he cared for me and that awakened my innocence. As a child, I was good, dutiful and kindhearted. I accepted everything without complain. Growing up and becoming a teenager, life proved to be more challenging but because of my faith and my innocence, I managed to survived. But getting older meant tougher decisions and everyone has different awakenings..there is good and bad and we are all exposed to these. Therefore, no matter how much we try to be pure and fight for our awakening, we will fall and we will be challenged.. will get hurt and we will get angry.

Innocence is a path to awakening that there are choices to be made in life. It is our guiding force to become sane and human even we are in pain. Awakening proves to be a dangerous place because we are vulnerable to commit mistakes, to become ungrateful and to harbor anger but on the other hand this awakening is our guiding force to protect ourselves from dangers, from hurt and from pain.These two are both gifts from Above...we were provided with innocence to experience joy and love, to offer care and to feel for humanity. Awakening is a gift of knowledge with boundless provisions for learning and that through awakening we will be able to protect our innocence and not to use against it.

In life,I have learned that in order to protect my awakening should be a knowledge of consideration to what is good and what is harmful to me and to others..that innocence is a way of loving and maintaining your faith to him and to others even when the road is rough. Awakening sometimes is painful and you may commit mistakes but it is there and we should use our awakening to protect ourselves and to experience goodness and peace towards the end.

Dear me to protect my innocence for it is your loving gift to me Likewise help me to become thankful with your gift of knowledge I did not ask for it..yet I know I should be grateful instead For these two has become your way of showing me that I am human.. That you are there and that you constantly care for me... Help me to always travel the road bearing my innocence and use my awakening to create a better life for me and for others... This post has been entered in “Changing the World One Word at a Time” Today’s word was Innocent. Please visit and check out the other great posts at: --end---

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